So where does that leave us?

The Copenhagen Accord, as named in the attached PDF, is a massive letdown.

What we have here is an IOU from world leaders.

There is some nice language, some good sentiment, and a table of emission cut targets; but no consequences. There is no incentive to act, only a promise to. And to be honest, when it comes to the Chinese, who would turf people out of their homes to make way for a grand olympic stadium, when it comes to Obama, who claims to take Climate Change so seriously but who spent less than 24 hours here in snowy Copenhagen, when it comes to Brown, who claims to care about the future of our planet but just continues to lobby for cheap oil for our cars on the international stage, a promise doesn’t cut it.

Now I probably won’t be able to afford to attend COP-16, it being in Mexico City. I imagine that most of the raging crowds who, according to Simon Hughes now hold so much power, will be in the same position. The international pressure will be massively reduced, the targets will no doubt be tweaked, and the leaders will be able to get away with saving their supposed green credentials without having to make any unpopular decisions on Carbon Taxes and other market mechanisms that have a chance of actually solving the crisis, and we are on track for a nightmare climate future.

So what can we do?

It’s quite simple; make some noise. Write to your MP, your council, and your local political activists and ask them what they are doing to combat climate change. Let’s bring Green issues right up the noses of the Political Class, and make sure they know that we are angry that Copenhagen was a massive waste of everyone’s time.

I will post news of any peaceful environmental protests occurring in the London area as I hear about them. We must let them (the complacent, incapable oafs currently running our country and the world) know that we won’t be ignored, that this issue matters to us, and that they had better get their act together before we all go up in smoke.


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  1. Good for China. They didn’t flinch & have saved us all from almost all of this eco-fascist parasitism (well except the bits we Europeans have insisted on saddling ourselves with). Continued world growth is assured even if our government continues to promote recession.

    This may be the moment when China, supported by India & Brazil, has become the world’s dominant power – not because they have done so well but because we have done so badly.

    PS Its snowing.

    • tehwalrus Says:

      Do you mind if I ask why you post things here, Niel? You have your own blog where you can express your rather bizzarre opinions, why do you insist on vandalising mine?
      I am aware that, since you put in your website in whenever you post a comment, you are linking to your site from here and thus incrementally increasing your Google rating, but (since my site isn’t very popular) this effect isn’t very large…I was just wondering if there was another reason I hadn’t thought of.

  2. Because I think I am improving it rather than “vandalising”. If you think disagreement is vandalism you shouldn’t take comments or censor inconvenient truths as most “Liberal” Democrats do.

  3. Neil, you are a twat.

  4. Gosh I am impressed.

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